When you need to take control?


 These months in the training schedule can not comply, but preferably before December 25, the winter session and until May 25 in the summer. (dates may vary slightly + - 2-3 days).


 What happens if you do not pass during the monitoring?


 Certainly better catch up to the required date (December 25 -zima, May 25 - the summer), so you will make life easier. But if you do not have time, then you will have to hand over control not to the dean as before, but every item on his chair.


 Where it is necessary to attribute control?


 In your deanery.


 What happens after the surrender control?


 After passing the test, they were tested by the dean. After checking the control or allowed to defend or sent back for revision. Before the session, it is desirable that your work has been inspected and approved for protection.


 Where to take control tasks?


 On our website or website TSDODGTU http://de.dstu.edu.ru/. It is necessary to draw attention to the fact that the teachers of the Institute for Energy and Engineering DSTU (Pl. Country councils) tend to give their assignments, which vary with the job site. If it is not clear how to download, refer to the manual


 Really do control yourself?


 Yes. If you are normally at school, you will not have any problems. Blame no one will. In any case, the vast majority of teachers.


 How to get a pass to the DSTU?


 To go to the dean of your faculty or consult your practitioner.


 What to do if you forgot pass to DSTU?


 Definitely can not waste time on persuasion guards. If you go back a long way, it is possible to take a temporary pass at the Pass Office. It is located on the right side at the entrance of the hall of the main body.


 Can you live in a dormitory DSTU time students?


 The students of the correspondence form of training places in the hostel, unfortunately, are not available due to the fact that they are filled to capacity, and provide children ochnikami his time students do not have opportunities.


 Will the certificate-handed control without challenge?


 It depends on your document processing in the dean's office. In some departments offer help when 70% of the building control on some only at the time of all. Somewhere agreed without any control. Naturally better to hand all the control in advance that there were no problems.


 Tuition for the year is done immediately or can be part of it?


 Payment is made either during the year or is divided into 2 parts.


 Can I enroll in distance learning without the exam?


 If you finished school, no. In this case, the transfer takes place only on the results of the exam, applicants who have completed secondary vocational education pass entrance tests.


 Does the DSTU military department?


 To date, the military department in DSTU not.


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