Until someone in the morning taking a shower, having breakfast and going to university, some boys and girls can not bring myself to get out of bed. Unfortunately, sometimes awaken is even more difficult than pass an oral examination, ordered in Rostov abstracts or exercise. If you are regularly late for a couple and nothing can do about it, then this article is definitely for you.


Current recommendations for those who want to wake up without problems


1. If you use the alarm on your phone, you first of all take care of finding a suitable, sufficiently loud music. It is advisable to set up a gradual increase in volume to awakening did not become real stress for you from the beginning of the day.

2. By the way, psychologists recommend to regularly change the alarm tone, that the old composition does not become habitual. Otherwise, you will soon stop getting up from what he heard. Experiment not only with the favorite musical groups, but also with other pleasant melodies.

3. To be completed with alarm reminders, written in large letters. Add information about the fact that today you have to have time to submit the report, urgent order essays in Rostov, to come to a couple of important, because of the lack of which you will not be admitted to the exam, etc.

4. Discard finally the habit of putting the alarm clock or phone in bed or under the pillow. You probably know banal student reflex rearrange Service at a later time, and continue to sleep on, as if nothing had happened. Place the phone in the farthest corner of the room: as long as you run to him, to turn off the sound, you are sure to wake up.

5. You can not hear any, even the loudest tune? We'll have some work to do and scare your body. Take a cup, fill it with iron coins, and put an alarm clock. Prefer phone? Be sure to include vibration and place the device on a hard surface.

6. In order for morning awakening was not a real stress, you can make the alarm for an hour earlier and at the right time. Waking up the first time, you will be happy to find that there is still as much as 60 minutes on a strong holiday!

7. Always leave time for it to 5-10 minutes pozevat and lie in bed.

8. Do not forget the light of morning gymnastics. It not only cheer you, but great effect on mood.

 That's all. It remains only to assemble, have breakfast, play your favorite music on your player and go to meet learning and communication with your friends!