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- The first two digits of the cipher record book - the year of admission of the student.


 - The first digit of the name of the group means a course, and the second group. Ie OZM 21 - is the second year, the first group.


 - To call in the territory of DSTU by car, you need to buy a subscription to the sports complex. This subscription will be grounds pass. This protection has never checks the validity of the subscription. Ie buying a ticket once, you can use it as a pass the time;)


 - If you forget your pass, you can issue a temporary pass at the Pass Office in the lobby of the main building DSTU.


 - During the concert in the evening kongresskholle DSTU can stop by DSTU territory without a permit. See schedule concerts and forwards))


  - Not far from the DSTU, 3 dorm there is not expensive dining "Rus". Anyone can come in and eat it.


 - Students DSTU, including time students in a driving school DSTU discount.


 - If you have missed on without a permit at the entrance to a building, then go to the other does not make much sense. The guards probably betrayed his colleagues how you look, and they will pay special attention to this.


 - If before the number of the audience is a figure with a hyphen, it means the number of housing. Ie 8-202 - is the eighth body, the audience 202.


 - The sports and recreation complex for students, including students time students there are discounts. Preview of the services provided and the prices on our website


 - In DSTU has a dress code. For example the probability that you are escorted in street clothes from the audience is very high, so it is best to leave the robe in the locker room. And the young men in shorts and beach shoes may not be allowed at all to the university.


 - DSTU launched a unique campaign! Connect to the system SMS notifications and participate in the program DGTUDISCONT. Details


 - Don State Technical University and JSC "Mobile Telesystems (MTS)" launched a new unique project of corporate tariff plan "DSTU." Details